To 'WOW' Everyone

March 2022: In the face of the dire situation unfurling from Northern Europe, this site is to be updated as soon as possible.

Many interests deserve the best-possible image.

Each needs to convey excellence.

Few messages surpass: 'To WOW'.

This applies especially to highly-cherished vehicles.

In the UK, it can be conveyed on a registration plate.

The absolute ultimate is: '2 WOW'.

Potentially 'For sale', it could fund the public launch of a unique initiative.

It is the Legacy 'brain-child' of 'Derek Whittall'.

His commitment is to wide-scale help with sustainable Wellbeing.

This ideal is achievable through improved Life-related issue-resolution.

As highest-possible Consultancy output, it is intended to become world-class.

Anyone can contribute and everyone can benefit.

A sale of this invaluable '2 WOW' plate will enable its public Launch.

As a groundbreaking service, exponential advancements are deliverable.

The buyer will thereby make a contribution to both Wellbeing and to wider Sustainability.

A commensurately-substantial bid for '2 WOW' is invited.

It needs to reflect its full commercial image-promoting worth.

If sold, the nett proceeds will be used to further this overdue project.

Exceptionally, in the alternative, the plate could be used as Loan Security.


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